?> Welcome to IFSM,Indian Federation of Sports Medicine

Welcome to IFSM

IFSM will have two categories of memberships:

  1. Individual membership
  2. Affiliated State Chapters

Individual membership:
IFSM will have two categories of individual members;

  1. Life members
    1. MBBS Graduates who are registered with the Medical Council of India
    2. Medical graduates of foreign universities who are registered with the Medical Councils of their respective countries.

They will be admitted as life members on one time payment of life membership fee, which will be decided by the General Body from time to time. The Life membership fee is given as below:
Category (a) - Rs. 900/- per head.
Category (b)

  1. Doctors from SARC countries - US $ 40/-
  2. Doctors from other countries - US $ 90/-
Life members will have the right to vote.
Student members
Medical students who are undergoing a course of study in MBBS in a recognized medical college/institution in India shall be eligible to be admitted as a member of IFSM under student membership category on a one time payment of student membership fee at any time during their period of study .The membership fee will be decided by the General Body from time to time. The student membership fee is Rs. 300/- per student. Student members on completion of their MBBS course will cease to be student members. They shall make fresh application for Life membership of IFSM remitting the full life membership fee.
Student members shall not have the right to vote.
State Chapters of IFSM:

IFSM shall have its chapters in different States and Union Territories. These chapters will be named after the States / U.T, for e.g.: the Delhi Chapter will be named as “Delhi Chapter of I.F.S.M”. The State Chapters will have Constitution similar to IFSM and they will agree to abide by the rules and regulations of IFSM. The State Chapters will seek affiliation to IFSM on payment of an affiliation fee, which will be fixed by the G.B of IFSM from time to time. The fee will be payable every block year period of two years starting with January 2004 – December

2005. The initial payment of the fee will be at the time of affiliation and subsequent payments will be in the month of January of even years, e.g. 2006,2008 etc.

The affiliation fee will be Rs. 1000/- per State/U.T Chapter.

The President and Secretary of the State Chapters will have the right to vote in that capacity in the meetings of the IFSM if they are not Life members of IFSM. The principle of one-man one vote will apply if they are also Life members of IFSM.

Dated --------------2004

(Secretary General)
Dated --------------2004