About IFSM

Established in 2004, IFSM is a registered body of dcotors of modern medicine. The mission of IFSM is to get the doctors out of the confines of their hospitals and colleges to the green grasses of play fields and associate them with sportspersons who are striving to excel in sports. In other words, encourage the doctors to shed their white aprons for track suites for a while and make them bask in sportsman sprit in the endearing and exciting company of sports persons, a welcome digression for the doctors from the pungent smell of hospital sprit, the perfume of their daily life.


The motto of IFSM, "OF THE DOCTORS, BY THE DOCTORS, FOR THE SPORTS" is in tune with the desire of the medical fraternity to keep up its own identity in the multi-disciplinary area of sports medicine, where contribution of non-medical personnel including scientist, physiotherapist & Masseurs, Physical Educationalist and coaches are significant in enhancing sports performance. While confining its membership to doctors and students of modern medicine, the IFSM at the same time is extending its full-hearted support and collaboration to each and every one who is involved in promoting sports medicine and allied sports sciences.

The response of the medical fraternity to IFSM has been exponentially awesome. With a year of its inception, the life membership of IFSM has touched 300 to beginning with Dr.P.S.M. Chandran as the first one. The inaugural meeting of IFSM was held on 1st February 2004 at J.N. Stadium, New Delhi to select an adhoc Working committee to look in to the management of the IFSM where Dr. Vice Paes, Dr. P.S.M. Chandran and Dr. H.L. Nag were selected its President, Secretary General and Treasurer respectively. An eleven member executive body taking Dr. Ashok Ahuja, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, Dr.R.B. Das, Dr. Thomas Chandy, Col(Dr) S.A. Cruz, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, Dr(Ms) Laila Das, Dr. David Rajan, Dr. A.K. Joy Singh, Dr. Anant Joshi and Dr. D. Bhattacharya has also been constituted to assist the management.

At the initial stage Dr. P.S.M. Chandran took the responsibility of drafting the constitution of IFSM whereas Dr. R.B. Das had designed the logo of IFSM. Dr. H.L. Nag shouldered the responsibility of raising the Funds for IFSM while Lt.Col. P. Padmakaran had been kind enough to provide his private residence for the registered office of the Federation. The dream comes true when the IFSM was registered under Indian Trusts Act of 1882 and it's constitution was adopted in the General Body Meeting of IFSM held on 10th November 2005 at New Delhi during the 1st Annual Conference of IFSM. Thereafter the Indian Federation of Sports Medicine has not look back and start functioning as a non-political, non-profit making body of the doctors in the Country to safe guard the scientific interest of the sports.