The Consititution

The name of the Federation shall be “THE INDIAN FEDERATION OF SPORTS MEDICINE” (I.F.S.M)
The Head Quarters of I.F.S.M shall be located at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, India for the next 5 years. The address of the Federation shall be the address of the Secretary General.
The I.F.S.M is a non-profit medical science organization of sports medicine in India. It will follow the statutes of International Federation of Sports Medicine and Asian Federation of Sports Medicine and the principles of the International Olympic Committee and the Indian Olympic Association.
i) To create awareness among public in general and sports persons in particular on the vast potentials of sports medicine in attaining, maintaining and enhancing health and fitness.
ii) To apply sports medicine expertise in spotting and nurturing talent for excellence in high performance sports.
iii) To provide a common forum for specialists in different areas of medical sciences to discuss and find solutions to the peculiar health and fitness problems of sports persons.
iv) Interact with para medical personnel and non-medical scientists and associate them actively in sports medicine promotional activities
v) Encourage medical graduate to specialise in different areas of sports medicine like sports traumatology, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology, biochemistry and pharmacology and thereby enhance the quality and quantity of professionals in the field of sports medical sciences.
vi) To get sports medicine included as a teaching subject in the medical curriculum at the undergraduate level and also as a Post Graduate specialty in the Universities.
vii) Organize Courses, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences in sports medicine
viii) Lay down criteria on medical and physical fitness parameters for sports persons for participation at national and international sports.
ix) Organize regular training programmes to increase the manpower pool of sports doctors, sports scientists, trainers, physiotherapists and masseurs to assist sportspersons in training and in competitions.
x) To create awareness on the doping regulations in sports and rehabilitate sportspersons who have fallen victims to doping.
xi) Encourage basic and applied research in sports medicine and allied sports sciences
xii) Bring out publications in sports medicine in the form of books, newsletters, periodicals and journals.
xiii) Bring out and update a national directory on doctors, scientists and paramedicals involved in sports medicine
xiv) Arrange medical insurance cover to sportspersons participating in competitive and recreational sports.
xv) Institute awards, scholarships and fellowships in sports medicine.
xvi) Establish sports medicine Chapters in various states and affiliate them with IFSM.
xvii) Liaise with sports medicine organizations at the international level and organise exchange programmes on sports medicine with them.
xviii) Maintain close association with the Indian Olympic Association, All India Council of Sports and the Sports Authority of India and provide them guidance and expertise in sports medicine.
xix) Reach out o private sector for sponsorship for sports medicine programmes.
xx) Interact with print and visual media to publicise the vast scope and potential of sports medicine for and beyond sports.

IFSM will have two categories of memberships:
a) Individual membership
b) Affiliated State Chapters
Individual membership:
IFSM will have two categories of individual members;
i) Life members
a) MBBS Graduates who are registered with the Medical Council of India
b) Medical graduates of foreign universities who are registered with the Medical Councils of their respective countries.
They will be admitted as life members on one time payment of life membership fee, which will be decided by the General Body from time to time. The Life membership fee is as given below:
Category (a) above - Rs. 2000/- per head.
Category (b) above
i) Doctors from SARC countries - US $ 50/-
ii) Doctors from other countries - US $ 100/-
Life members will have the right to vote.
iii) Student members
Medical students who are undergoing a course of study in MBBS in a recognized medical college/institution in India shall be eligible to be admitted as a member of IFSM under student membership category on a one time payment of student membership fee at any time during their period of study .The membership fee will be decided by the General Body from time to time. The student membership fee is Rs. 1000/- per student.
Student members on completion of their MBBS course will cease to be student members. They shall make fresh application for Life membership of IFSM remitting the full life membership fee.
Student members shall not have the right to vote.
ii) State Chapters of IFSM
IFSM shall have its chapters in different States and Union Territories. These chapters will be named after the States / U.T, for e.g.: the Delhi Chapter will be named as “Delhi Chapter of I.F.S.M”. The State Chapters will have Constitution similar to IFSM and they will agree to abide by the rules and regulations of IFSM. The State Chapters will seek affiliation to IFSM on payment of an affiliation fee, which will be fixed by the G.B of IFSM from time to time. The fee will be payable every block year period of two years starting with January 2004 – December 2005. The initial payment of the fee will be at the time of affiliation and subsequent payments will be in the month of January of even years, e.g. 2006,2008 etc.
The inaugural affiliation fee will be Rs. 1000/- per State/U.T Chapter.
The President and Secretary of the State Chapters will have the right to vote in that capacity in the meetings of the IFSM if they are not Life members of IFSM. The principle of one-man one vote will apply if they are also Life members of IFSM.
The G.B on the recommendation of the Executive Committee shall nominate two prominent and distinguished personalities who endorse the activities of IFSM and who are willing to promote its cause, as Patrons of IFSM. One of the Patrons shall be a medical doctor and the other a non-medical personality from the sports field. The tenure of a Patron will be for 5 years. The position will fall vacant if the Patron resigns or if the G.B decides on his/her replacement.
Patrons shall have not the right to vote in that capacity.
The IFSM may award Honorary Fellowship of IFSM to two individuals every year who has made significant contribution to the cause of sports/sports medicine. One of the awardee shall be a medical doctor and the other shall be a non-medical personality, who may be a Scientist, a Sports administrator or a Sports person of repute. Nominations shall be made by Life members or by the Presidents/Secretaries of State Chapters to the E.C who may short-list the nominations and recommend the names to the G.B for approval at the next meeting. The award shall be conferred on the selected individuals at the next annual conference of IFSM or in a special function. Honorary fellows have to pay no dues to IFSM.
Honorary Fellows shall not have the right to vote in that capacity.
The financial year of IFSM shall be from 1st April to 31st March.
The State Chapters shall pay their renewal affiliation fee in the month of January every even year starting from 2006. For late payment a penalty of Rs. 100/- per month starting from February of that year will be charged. Presidents/ Secretaries of state chapters which are defaulters will forfeit their voting rights in IFSM till they clear the outstanding dues with penalties applicable.
The elected office bearers who shall constitute the Executive committee shall look after the interests of IFSM. All the Office Bearers shall be Life members of IFSM.
i) President - One
ii) Vice Presidents - Four
iii) Secretary General - One
iv) Treasurer - One
v) Joint Secretary Generals - Two
vi) Members - Six

Minimum three Office bearers shall be lady doctors.
The immediate past President and the immediate past Secretary-General shall be ex officio members of the Executive Committee and they shall have the right to vote in that capacity.
The President of IFSM shall have the right to co opt three members from the Presidents/Secretaries of State Chapters of IFSM and two members from the student member category of IFSM for specific E.C meetings.
Co opted members shall not have the right to vote in the E.C meetings
Duties and Powers of the Office Bearers
i) President :
a) He shall be the Chief executive of IFSM and responsible for the general supervision of the work of the Federation.
b) He shall preside over the Executive Committee and General Body meetings of IFSM
c) He shall have the powers to convene any meetings of IFSM on short notice under his signature, if the Secretary fails to do so on instruction by him. He can spent Rs. 3000/- (Rs. Three thousand only) in a year on his office expenses. For any expenses above this, he will seek the approval of the E.C.
d) He shall have the powers to delegate any of his powers as the President to any one of the Vice Presidents
ii) Vice President:
a) They will assist the President and look after the matters and working in consultation with the President
b) In the absence of the President, one of the Vice Presidents as designated by the President, or on his failure to do so, as designated by the E.C, shall be responsible to carry out the routine responsibilities of the President
iii) Secretary General
a) He shall , with the approval of the President convene all meetings of the G.B and E.C under his own signature
b) He shall be responsible to execute the decisions of the E.C and the G.B. He shall keep proper records of proceedings of all the meetings held.
c) He shall execute and enforce the resolution passed in the meetings in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federation
c) He shall have the custody and control over the records and movable and immovable properties of the Federation.
d) He shall administer and execute all routine activities of IFSM with the assistance and cooperation of the other office bearers and members of IFSM.
e) He shall receive all the dues payable to IFSM and hand it over to the Treasurer to be deposited in the bank account of IFSM.
f) He shall prepare the annual report of IFSM and present it to the E.C and G.B for approval.
g) He shall spent up to Rs. 10,000/-(Rs. Ten thousand only) per year for office expenses and beyond that he shall seek approval from the E.C
iv) Treasurer
a) He shall keep all the accounts of receipts and expenditure of IFSM
b) He shall be responsible for all the funds of the Federation
c) He shall receive all the dues of the Federation paid to him directly or paid through the Secretary General and deposit it in the Bank account of IFSM.
d) He shall honour the bills passed by the Secretary General on the expenses incurred by the Federation and make the payment.
v) Joint Secretary Generals
In the absence of the Secretary General, one of the Joint Secretary-Generals as authorized by the President or by the Secretary-General shall carry out the routine activities of IFSM.
vi) Members
All the members shall assist the E.C in that manner as desired / required by the E.C 11. GENERAL BODY OF IFSM
General Body of IFSM shall consist of:
a) Life Members of IFSM
b) Presidents and Secretaries of State chapters of IFSM
c) Office bearers of IFSM d) Student members of IFSM
e) Patrons of IFSM
f) Honorary Fellows of IFSM
Among these categories only categories a, b, & c will have the right to vote in the G.B meetings.
All the affairs of IFSM including financial and otherwise shall be conducted and approved by the G.B. The G.B shall exercise its powers through the E.C.
The G.B shall be the supreme body of IFSM and all its decisions, taken in normal meetings or extra ordinary meetings shall be binding on all members
The E.C shall be supported by five standing commissions consisting of a Chairman and two members as nominated by the G.B from among the Life members of IFSM.
a) Scientific
b) Doping Control
c) Liaison
d) Finance
e) Education
A. General Body meetings
a) The G.B shall meet at least once in a year to transact the following business:
i) Confirm the minutes of the last meeting
ii) Formulate policies regarding the working of IFSM and to attain the objectives of IFSM
iii) Appoint Committees or sub Committees for specified purpose for specific periods.
iv) Call for the reports of the Commissions and take appropriate action of their reports
v) To seek explanation or take disciplinary action on any of its members if their actions are found to be detrimental to the interests of the Federation
vi) Adopt the Annual Report of the Federation as submitted by the Secretary General
vii) Adopt the audited statement of accounts as submitted by the Treasurer
viii) Elect the new Office Bearers of the Federation, when the elections are due
ix) Transact all business as circulated in the agenda
x) Any other matters with the permission of the Chair.
b) The annual G.B meeting of IFSM may coincide with the annual Conference of IFSM
c) 30 days notice shall be served for G.B meetings
d) Extra Ordinary meeting of G.B may be convened by giving 15 days notice by the President and such meetings shall be held at the HQ of IFSM or at the venue of the Annual conference of IFSM
B) Executive Committee meeting
a) The E.C shall be the Governing Body of IFSM.
b) It will execute the policies laid down by the G.B and by the IFSM Constitution.
c) It will have the powers to accept or reject applications for IFSM membership in any category. Enrollment of members in any category made by the E.C will have to be ratified by the G.B in its next meeting.
d) It shall have the powers to initiate disciplinary action against any member subject to ratification by the next G.B meeting.
e) E.C will have the power to nominate replacement of any Office bearer whose place falls vacant in the event of resignation /expulsion/ death out of the members of the E.C
The E.C shall meet at least twice in a year. One of these meetings shall be prior to the G.B meeting at the same venue.
The E.C shall transact the following business:
i) Confirm the minutes of the last meeting
ii) Adopt the report of the Secretary General on the activities of IFSM
iii) Scrutinize the accounts of IFSM as submitted by the Treasurer
iv) Transact all business as circulated in the agenda
v) Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
E.C meeting shall be convened with 15 days notice
All the meetings of the G.B and R.C shall be convened by the Secretary General after getting the approval of the President. If the Secretary General fails to convene the meetings under instructions from the President, the President shall have the power to convene the meetings of the G.B and E.C under his own signature.
The quorum of the G.B meeting shall be 1/5th of total members with voting rights, out of which at least 5 shall be from the E.C. If the quorum is less, the G.B may continue with the meeting and discuss routine matters,
scrutinize reports and accounts but no transaction of business shall be carried out which involves adoption of reports of Secretary General, Approval of accounts and other matters which has got financial implications, constitution amendment and election of office bearers.
The quorum for the E.C shall be 1/3 of the members of the E.C out of which at least one shall be the President or Secretary General. In the absence of quorum the E.C may meet and discuss only routine matters, which have no bearing on the policies and finances of IFSM.
The Office bearers and members of the E.C shall be elected for a period of two years. An office bearer who seeks reelection for a succeeding term for the same post shall be deemed to have got elected only if he gets a two third mandate from the eligible members who cast their votes. If he fails to get two third majority, fresh nominations for the post may be called from other members and election may be held as per normal procedure in the same G.B meeting. After two consecutive terms the office bearer is not eligible for re election for a third consecutive term in the same post.
i) Elections will be held every two years to elect office bearers of IFSM
ii) Elections will be held preferably during the G.B meeting at the time and venue of the annual conference of IFSM when it is due.
iii) The E.C shall constitute an election committee with a Chairman and two members to conduct the election in its meeting prior to the G.B meeting where elections are due to take place. Chairman and members of the election committee shall be ineligible to contest.
iv) Nominations for the posts of Office bearers duly proposed and seconded by at least one Life Member each of IFSM shall reach the election committee 6 hrs before the time when elections are to take place. The election committee shall scrutinize the nominations. v) Withdrawal of nominations can be done till the time the voting is called for.
vi) No candidate can be elected to the post of President, Secretary General and Treasurer in absentia.
vii) Only the following categories of members will be eligible to cast their votes in the elections:
a) Life members of IFSM
b) President and Secretaries of affiliated state chapters of IFSM who have cleared their dues.
vi) Election shall be held through secret ballot
vii) If the number of candidate(s) validly nominated is equal to the number of seat(s), the candidate(s) shall be forthwith declared duly elected.
viii) The election committee shall declare the names of the elected office bearers of the Federation soon after counting based on simple majority subject to the rules for reelection of office bearers where a two third majority is required.
The funds of the Federation shall be deposited in any scheduled bank approved by E.C in the name of “ Indian Federation of Sports Medicine”. The bank account shall be operated under the joint signatures of any two of the following:
i) President
ii) Secretary General
iii) Treasurer
The accounts of the Federation shall be audited by a Chartered accountant every year.
Proposals for any amendment of the constitution shall be circulated to the members of IFSM and to the affiliated Chapters 30 days in advance preferable along with the notice of the G.B meeting. Amendments to the constitution can be made only if such proposals for specific amendments is voted in its favour by two thirds of the members or 30 members which ever is more, who are present and having voting rights.
In the event of dissolution of IFSM at any time, all properties and assets of IFSM, after clearing all the liabilities shall be handed over to the Sports authority of India, JN Stadium with the understanding that the same shall be used for the promotion of sports medicine in the country.
This Constitution of the Indian Federation of Sports Medicine is adopted at the General Body meeting of IFSM held on ………………. 2004 at J.N stadium, New Delhi.

Dated --------------2004

(Secretary General)
Dated --------------2004